Avolites Titan V9.1

Avolites Titan V9

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Key Frame Shapes


Titan V9 introduces the amazing new Key Frame Shapes, providing the capability to create spectacular effects from scratch. Using palettes or the programmer to define the frames, and powerful tools such as transition curves, phase and spatial direction, it is possible to create radically different looks for each channel in seconds. Synchronise these together for dramatic impact. Integrate Pixel Mapper effects with Key Frames using one simple interface.



Effortlessly copy values across fixtures, either in a recurring pattern or a smooth fade.

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Align Spread.JPG

Streaming ACN Merge on Titan Net Processors

Seamlessly integrate other controllers into your Titan Net System.


RGBW and ARGB colour mixing and Pixel Mapping

Get maximum punch and more accurate colours from your LED fixtures, thanks to new, four-channel pixel mapping and colour mixing.


New Theatrical Functions

Titan now supports MIDI Show Control.

Cue lists now offer cue-only changes.

Option to track changes forwards, backwards, or both.

Filter data in cue view to show only the information you are interested in.

New theatre syntax shortcuts.


Times on Autoloads

Fade in cues, chases or lists using times specified in cue list.

Times On Autoload.png

Sapphire Track Ball Assign (Sapphire Touch only)

Freely assign attributes to X, Y and Z axes.


Pixel Mapper Gradient Fill

Create smooth, soft edge transitions and exciting layered effects.

New Pixel Mapper.JPG

Improved Layout Editor

Now even more flexible, allowing fixtures to be automatically arranged into shapes when moving all fixtures or a selection.


Randomise Fixture Selection Order


Block Pixel Effect

Creatively inhibit running pixel effects.


Group Layout Auto-Arrange

New tools for quickly arranging fixtures in rectangular, circular and triangular layouts.

Arrange Shape.JPG

Audio Triggering (Quartz & Arena only)

Audio Trigger.JPG

Trigger show content using seven-band audio triggering.

Audio Trigger Vis.png

Audio Trigger Kick [not in software].png